Text Messages (SMS)

This endpoint delivers a text message (SMS) to a mobile phone number.

POST /sms

GET /sms/send

Parameter Description
key Your Ubity API key
from_number Phone number of the sender (ie. 5551112222)
to_number Phone number of the recipient (ie. 5551113333)
message Body of the message
curl -H "Accept: application/json;version=1" --data "key=KKKK&from_number=5551112222&to_number=5551113333&message=test" https://api.ubity.com/sms


curl -H "Accept: application/json;version=1" "http://api.ubity.com/sms/send?key=KKKK&from_number=5551112222&to_number=5551113333&message=test"
  "api_key": "KKKK",
  "code": 200,
  "diagnostic": "Success",
  "mode": "normal",
  "sms": {
    "smsid": "92ee37f0-c315-42fa-b287-ca1f43ca5e62",
    "success": true
  "stamp": "2018-02-14 16:36",
  "url": "http://api.ubity.com/sms",
  "version": 1

  1. The version header must be 1 

  2. Please note that the from_number parameter needs to be a phone number that belongs to your account and has the SMS service enabled.