Queue calls

Trigger/schedule a call to a queue

Initiate an call and place it in a queue.

GET or POST https://api.ubity.com/call

Parameter Description
key Your Ubity API key
queue The queue you want the call to be placed in
number The phone number to call (ie. '5551112222')
redirect (optional) The HTTP redirect code and URL that the API must answer (usefull from a web browser)
timeout (optional) Timeout
position (optional) Waiting position in queue

Any arbitraty parameter is accepted and will be given back along the callbacks related to that call (see callback section).

% curl -H "Accept: application/json;version=0" "http://api.ubity.com/queue_call?key=KKKK&queue=QQQQ&number=5551112222"
  "api_key": "KKKK",
  "code": 200,
  "diagnostic": "Success",
  "mode": "normal",
  "queue_call": true,
  "stamp": "2018-02-16 14:39",
  "url": "http://api.ubity.com/queue_call?key=KKKK&queue=QQQQ&number=5551112222",
  "version": 0